it's time your business had a kickass seo and content marketing strategy.

...what do you say?

Trying to find more customers online

because Everyday with credit card in hand, thousands of your ideal customers are already turning to Google looking for solutions.

And It's time they found yours.


pulling out

doesn't have to  include

a sleeve of Oreos, or 


your hair.

The Complete SEO Blueprint

I'm teaching you the exact process I use to help my clients get unstuck when it comes to creating content that helps them show up first on Google. You'll get detailed tutorials of the best SEO tools, done-for-you templates that make content creation a breeze, and over 16 hours of step-by-step video trainings split into 6 modules you can watch at your own pace.

Say goodbye to confusing SEO terms and tricky tactics that make it feel impossible to do
and "HELLO" to explanations that make SEO simple and, dare I say, fun?!?!

I'm so in!!

My Master Course!

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Full Day Intensives

Get my undivided attention for one full day! I'll overhaul your SEO strategy, copywriting, or content marketing plan in one fell swoop and you'll have complete clarity and peace of mind. Each intensive day looks a bit different because it's made just for you, boo (and your biz goals, of course). 


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2-Hour SEO Audit

Need some expert eyes on your website and content marketing plan, like STAT? You got it. We'll kick this off with a phone call to make sure we understand your goals. Then we'll have technical audit report + custom audit personally done by me, with actionable tips to get you to the next level


Deets dropppin' soon

Business Booster

Ready to hand over the wheel of day-to-day content strategy and creation in your biz? My team and I are here to be an extension of your business, handling everything you need to snag Google rankings and win the hearts of your customers, while staying true to your brand voice and unique flare.

Starts at $3497

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client love

"Averi's motto should be all killer, no filler! She is highly focused, professional and understands how to effectively communicate your message with as few words as possible."

- Eric Medina, Founder of Libra Coffee

Content marketing,

It's not always easy figuring out what your future customers want to read - or what you should be saying online. Honestly, it can sometimes feel like you are speaking completely different languages.

SEO content can help you tune into their needs and show up on Google. It feels like having a crystal ball for your business. One that shows you the well-lit path to increase your site traffic - and your revenue.

Keywords that attract customers like a bee to honey

If your Google Analytics look more like an abandoned gas station on Route 66 than Times Square on NYE, we can fix that. The secret isn't just more. It's finding content with the right keywords that will actually put your website at the top of Google searches. 

I'll walk you through exactly how I find the phrases, topics, and queries that will have customers flocking to your (virtual) door.



Ready for the organic AF growth you've been waiting for?

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I don't know anything about seo, will these be too technical for me?

Not at all! I've spent years learning how to make complicated SEO tactics feel simply and easy to do. Many of my clients even say SEO is now fun! Whether this is the first time you are hearing the term "SEO" or you'd consider yourself a seasoned content marketer, my program suite is designed to meet you where you're at with the support you need to take your business to the next level.


I want to start offering content services, what's the best option for me?

You'll want to jump - we're talking big splash, both feet - into the 5 modules inside The Complete SEO Blueprint. It's absolutely everything you need to understand about SEO and content marketing, letting you skip over up to five years of "seeing what works" and move right on to creating a kick-ass SEO and content strategy for any website and/or business. The course offers all my templates that you can use to start planning and offering SEO content services to your own clients - today!

if i buy more than one program, will there be repeat information?

Nope! Instead, you'll get a layer cake of value. My program suite is designed to layer on more advanced tactics - and more customized support from me and my team - as your business scales. You can get started with nothing but a dream in The Complete SEO Blueprint course and advance through each offering at your own pace, leveling up your skills and results at each stage.

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