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I've been helping businesses attract their ideal customer and dominate Google search results for 10 years. 

After starting my career as a ghostwriter for top CMOs, I went on to work in well-known agencies like Neil Patel Digital and Siege Media. During that time, I turned a $15,000 a year side hustle into a business that consistently makes over $15k a month - all while traveling the world and working from my laptop.

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Learn inside secrets I use to save time, get my clients more traffic, and turn readers into loyal customers. My free SEO mini course lays the foundation of content marketing and includes free tools you can use to get started today. 

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My detailed 6-module course that will help you master SEO and next-level your organic growth.

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You’re a get-your-hands-dirty soloprenuer, aspiring business owner, or freelance writer looking to level-up your SEO skills and start bringing more traffic to your site, like, yesterday.

You’re the wearer of all hats and just need someone to take a little stress of your shoulders, bring you a coffee and give you the road map to success (I can help with everything but the coffee!).

You’ve built a 6 or 7-figure business and your middle name is “outsourced.” You need high quality SEO content that's so on-brand and on-point it's as if you wrote the words yourself.

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Say 'goodbye' to confusing SEO terms and tricky tactics that make it feel impossible to do, and 'HELLO' to simple explanations that put you in the driver's seat of your site traffic growth, done-for-you templates that make content creation a breeze, and step-by-step walk-throughs that can be used time and time again to woo your ideal clients online.

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Client Love

"I had the privilege of working with Averi for over a year.
Her experience and knowledge about online marketing, writing for highly educated audiences, and knowing how to make powerful statements in a concise way really helped me grow as a copywriter; she provided timely and constructive input that resulted in a consistent and compelling voice for our readers!"

- Gaby Miranda, Manifestation & Success Coach

"Averi is an intelligent, dedicated, creative writer - and these qualities are reflected in her work. She knows [how to write] for different business goals and is adept at creating unique content that will grab attention and invoke engagement."

- Jim C Miller, President of 5 Star Brand

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A Simple Guide to Content Marketing Lingo

My Morning Routine for Success

30 Editing Tips from a Professional Writer


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