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Struggling to keep up with a consistent content calendar that actually gets your business in front of more of your ideal customers?
Wish you could get more site traffic without emptying your pockets on paid ads
or clocking some serious hours on social media?

After 10 years of working in digital marketing, I've spent long nights and not-so-lazy weekends testing out the most effective content marketing strategies for small biz owners. And I've created a monthly package that's designed to effortlessly snag
Google rankings, get in front of up to 322 million monthly users on Pinterest,
and engage the warm leads you already have sitting in your email list.

So, my only question for you is: are you ready to ditch the confusion, ace content creation, and get envy-worthy organic growth? 

Have an SEO Expert create your strategy each month 

Supercharged SEO will do the same thing to your organic growth that 10 cups of cold brew will do your your heart rate: 🚀skyrocket it 🚀.

But, because I put so much time into finding 
unique opportunities for your business,

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I can only accept 12 businesses each month.


Custom keyword cluster


Custom blog outline


pre-written meta data


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You'll receive 3-5 keywords that are designed to help your site rank and get
up to 5,000 new organic visitors each month. 

Mad Libs, but make it blogging. An optimized outline and fill-in-the-blanks writing prompts make content creation crazy easy.

Meta data is the uber-important BTS stuff that shows up in search engines. But don't sweat it.
We've got this covered, too. 

Think of it like your website's monthly health exam. You'll get a list of things to update to ensure your content has the best chance of ranking. 


content calendar


Pinterest optimization


promotional email copy


Members-only FB community

The content calendar is your secret to showing up consistently in the right place, at the right time. Bonus points if you pre-schedule.

Google's trendy sister isn't just fashion tips and recipes. The title and pin description will be optimized for specific queries in your industry.

Get more traffic with less effort by promoting each blog post to your list of warm leads. It's as simple as copying + pasting a snippet.

Need a quick opinion before you hit publish? A collab? A personal hype woman when you snag the #1 spot on Google? This is the place.

it's  just $697 a month!


You're gonna love this...

And now, drumroll please....

What it's like to work with me...

"Averi is a true visionary. She understands her clients and has a real passion for all things content marketing and writing. She is an incredibly hard worker, who will go above and beyond for her clients.  I have nothing but positive things to say about her."

Meredith Matt, Director of Human Resources at Perfect HR Consulting

Stop                   your 

We've all been the victim of a not-so-casual slide into the DM's promoting Sally's latest product launch or so-and-so's exclusive membership. The problem is, she forgot to say hello first.

SEO content lets you show  what you're all about by providing high-value answers to the questions your customers are actually asking online. You're adding value - not noise - to their day and building trust while you're at it. So, when it comes time to get out the credit card, you're the one they hand it to.

...and become
in your space

With keyword groups and a promotion calendar that are tailored to your business, you'll show up consistently each time your customers
open Google. My secret sauce keyword research approach is designed to win rankings
that turn readers into buyers.

customers online




What if I said you could save $300?

around here, we love a killer deal. ask me how you can save $300 - or more! - during our 1-on-1 call.

Supercharge your SEO

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Say goodbye to not knowing what to write ever again and get a
done-for-you SEO content strategy dropped in your inbox every month.


what kind of business will supercharged seo work best for?

An ongoing blog strategy is great for most online businesses. Online service providers, e-commerce companies, affiliate marketing brands and other content-heavy sites can use content marketing to find and be found by new customers every day. Your monthly promotion calendar includes best-practice tactics for the most popular channels people use to research new purchases, so you can start to achieve that enviable omni-presence that keeps your biz top-of-mind.

when will i start to see results?

I aim to look for keywords and phrases that will help generate quick wins, when possible. But the best SEO strategies are geared toward long-.term success. You should start to see increased traffic and some new rankings after month one, with those rankings moving closer to page one in the following months.

is this a month-to-month or annual contract?

Supercharged SEO is a month-to-month subscription with a minimum 3-month commitment. SEO does require us to build a strong foundation, so this timeframe is designed to make sure there is plenty of time for implementation and results tracking. After the first 3 months, you'll see results increasingly building upon each other with less effort as time goes on. There is also a paid-in-full discount offered for 3, 6, and 12-month contracts.

Want less DIY and even more done-for-you? 

that Sounds epic

You can put your seo strategy on autopilot with the Business booster Plan. It includes a dedicated account manager, custom strategy, content creation, and implementation.