My story might sound familiar to you

For as long as I can remember, I had a knack for telling stories. As a kid, I'd regale the animals on my Nebraska farm with all the fantastical adventures I could dream up. In school, while other subjects left me feeling bored, my mind came alive during English and Creative Writing classes. I had a skill I knew people needed, but I didn’t know how to get myself out in the world. 

After college, I was a broke kid fostering my dream of working at a creative agency. After unsuccessfully applying to endless full-time positions, I found myself bartending during the day and going to job fairs by night. I didn't know all the different types of writing yet, nor all the other ways you could make money writing online. But I stumbled into my first gig one night at networking event in San Diego. And that opened my eyes to the unbelievable world of freelancing.

I started learning everything I could about the skills people paid freelance writers for. And, as I improved my copywriting + SEO skills, more work began to trickle in. I was excited and optimistic. So, when my first full-time job offer finally came along... I TURNED IT DOWN.

But then I fell flat on my face. 

That first year, struggled to make even $15,000. I was making less than minimum wage and wasting a lot of time on the wrong things when it came to finding clients. I was sending out 100's of cold pitches, but no one was raising their hands to sign up for my services. I often did free work in exchange for other services just so I could keep a portfolio going.

But then, I decided enough was enough.

I discovered how SEO content can get websites 1000's of new visitors and leads each month. I dedicated myself to mastering such a valuable skill.

I read books, I took online courses, I started my own blog so I could test out my theories and I stayed up many nights watching YouTube tutorials. After more than a year of struggling, I got my first break.

That first job was ghostwriting for CMOs of brands like Hyperloop One, Princess Cruises and Pepsi. I started getting people’s attention. And, shortly after, I went on to work in some top marketing agencies - like Neil Patel Digital and Siege Media.

But I had gotten a taste of the joy that is running your own business. I still spent my early mornings, late nights, and weekends side hustling as an SEO consultant and content writer.

Since then, I’ve turned that $15,000 a year side hustle into a business that consistently makes over $15k a month

I ticked 33 countries off my bucket list. I launched a travel blog, worked with tourism boards, started my own content agency and taught myself all the parts of running an online business - like marketing, advertising, photography, networking, and yes, even bookkeeping.

I came a long way for a small town girl
from the Midwest.

And I did it all while traveling the world and working from my laptop.  And I did all this with no marketing degree (I studied fashion!). I didn't even have an email list or - ironically - a website advertising my services. 

You see, I work with multi-million dollar companies, helping them increase their site traffic and product sales through keyword research and the SEO content I write for their websites.

And I achieved my lifelong goal to travel the world.

If I can do it, so can YOU
But you don't need to do it alone

In the Growth Getter Community and my suite of courses that are designed for copywriters, content writers, and bloggers, I'm sharing everything I know 

→ You don’t have to waste 5 years testing out what does and does not work for your business. 

→ You won’t need to wait a year for your website’s keywords to start ranking on Google. 

→ You don’t need to spend hours writing something and wondering why no one ever sees it. 

You can start showing up online for your future customers today.

Because I'm giving you the shortcut to SEO success. These are the same tactics that companies pay agencies hundreds of thousands of dollars for. That large brands use to dominate Google search result pages. And the reason why the same people always seem to show up when you’re searching for things online.



I'm a full-tine nomad!

early mornings:

hiking + camping:

Perfect for writing!

I run an adventure travel blog

A thousand new business ideas



A thousand new business ideas


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